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Dr. Behdad Dehbandi


My clinical and research specialties as a rehabilitation medicine specialist are concerned with human performance and function. It has been the center of my clinical and research practice to find scientific, non-invasive and objective solutions for critical social issues such as the aging-related issues in the population, neurological, cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal and sports injuries, the saving of individuals with formerly lethal conditions and injuries that influence Quality of Life, and the increased societal recognition of the importance of quality of life rather than simply the quantity of life.

Background and educations:

Rehabilitation Medicine

  • October 2019 - Current place

ABI Promedical Rehabilitation medicine center

  • Rehabilitation medicine 


  • Riga, Latvia


  • Clinician and Research scientists at ABI Promedical rehabilitation medicine clinic and research center

Weill Cornell Medical College(Burke Medical Research Institute)

  • September 2014 - July 2016


  • Division of Neuroscience and Rehabilitation Medicine


  • The United States, New York


  • Research fellow


The University of Vincent Pol

  • July 2012 - June 2014


  • Neurorehabilitation and rehabilitation medicine


  • Junior Researcher

University of Strathclyde

  • September 2011 - June 2014


  • Centre for Biomedical Engineering


  • Glasgow, United Kingdom


  • Researcher

April​ ​10​ ​–​ ​November​ ​31​ ​(2010) 

  • Behshahr City, Mazandaran, Iran Football and boxing team trainer and therapist.

  • ​ ​Salman Nursing Home at Farsi Street, Behshahr, Mazandaran, Iran

Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences

  • March 2008 - August 2010


  • Health Sciences Research Center


  • Savadkoh Hospital, Mazandaran, Iran


  • Consultant and clinician

Semnan University of Medical Sciences

  • September 2002-September 2008

Department of physical and rehabilitation medicine


Human Connections

We seek out the best people, and only those with that special something—happy, determined, compassionate professionals who truly enjoy connecting with both patients and their team members. Our expert team of rehabilitation medicine, physiotherapists and clinicians and support staff engages patients in highly motivating, highly personalized encounters that get them excited about healing.

The highlight of this focus on relationships is playing out daily at ABI Promedical Rehab center, which unites the entire medical Rehab team to compete in the scientific and rehabilitation field, and most of all, bond. A team that has fun together succeeds together (and brainstorms innovative ideas together, supports one another, and on and on…). ABI Promedical Rehab allows its team members to be themselves and make natural human connections. This leads to a deep caring for their patients and each other.


Driven by Passion

We’re proud of the fact that our rehabilitation medicine and physical therapist team is comprised of the researcher, former collegiate or professional athletes and professional clinician in the field of rehabilitation medicine.  They know what you need to get back to life, and how vital it is for you to get there—to heal, thrive, and become the best version of yourself—because they’ve been there themselves.

ABI Promedical’s Rehab co-founder, Behdad Dehbandi, is a perfect example of a career driven by a passion for rehabilitation medicine and Science. To this day, he still uses his background in a professional research career by working as a Clinician at different Major Sports Leagues and centers.


A Career Path for All

Our ABI Promedical values take effect even before a new team member comes on board—during the hiring process. We hire people who love what they do, and from day one, the stage is set for success. You see, the next generation of ABI Promedical leaders is an inside job—we plant the seeds, provide ample opportunities to learn, and watch them grow!

As time goes on, we invest in our people, supporting them as they step out of their comfort zones (where all great things happen) and set their own course for success. Their self-determination makes going to work each day a joy—joy which translates into amazing patient experiences. One thing we know for sure: when the patient experience is better, patients heal faster.

ABI Promedical rehabilitation’s leadership teams are constantly training, growing and improving for the benefit of our patients.


Come Catch the ABI Promedical Rehab Spirit

The ABI Promedical culture—based on the seriousness of solving problems, fun, togetherness, empathy, and growth from the inside out—is at the heart of every ABI Promedical encounter, and wholly responsible for our many successes. Come witness for yourself why our clinicians and patients alike celebrate the uniqueness of ABI Promedical  Therapy. Request an appointmentapply for a career, or follow us on social media (FacebookInstagramTwitter). Welcome to the team!


Research and Science key to our clinical practice

At ABI Promdical rehab, we aimed to find the practical answer and solve the most important questions to help our clients and population in need of individual rehabilitation medicine technologies! Our clinician peer-reviewed publications have been the backbone of our clinical practice.

We would like to encourage students with a background in different field i.e computer students with interest in data science, electrical engineer, medical and allied health students join our lab and experience clinical research works in the field of human biomechanics, neuroscience, and rehabilitation medicine! 

We are proud to produce high quality clinical and research works!


List of Publications:


Accurate classification of postural stability in older adults using the Microsoft Kinect 2.

Liam Johnson, PhD; Adam Fry; Behdad Dehbandi; Lawrence Rubin; Michael Halem; Alexandre Barachant; Anna Smeragliuolo; David Putrino. Journal of Biomechanics


Using data from the Microsoft Kinect 2 to determine postural stability in healthy subjects: A feasibility trial. Behdad Dehbandi, Alexandre Barachant, Anna H Smeragliuolo, John Davis Long, Silverio Joseph Bumanlag, Victor He, Anna Lampe, David Putrino.


Using data from the Microsoft Kinect 2 to quantify upper limb behavior: a feasibility study. Behdad Dehbandi, Alexandre Barachant, David Harary, John Davis Long, K Zoe Tsagaris, Silverio Joseph Bumanlag, Victor He, David Putrino. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics. DOI: 10.1109/JBHI.2016.2606240


Quantifying Poststroke Apathy With Actimeters.

Andrew M Goldfine, Behdad Dehbandi, Juliana M Kennedy, Briana Sabot, Cory Semper, David Putrino. 22 Feb 2016


THE ART AND SCIENCE OF REHABILITATION: NOVEL TREATMENTS AND OUTCOMES IN PULMONARY REHABILITATION: Impact Of Pulmonary Rehabilitation On Heart Rate Variability Following COPD Exacerbation:a Pilot Study Using A Novel Activity Monitor.

Novitch, R SKelly, JDehbandi, BSemper, CPutrino, D.American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine; New York Vol. 193,  (2016): 1.


Full list of publications in google scholar:

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