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According to published articles local or whole body cryotherapy, it may be recommended for “anyone who wants to improve their health and appearance” — which by my estimation would be just about everyone — as well as for:

  • recovering from a painful sports injury

  • a chronically painful condition such as rheumatoid arthritis

  • athletes who want to improve their performance

  • weight loss

  • improved mood or reduced anxiety. 

The evidence found that Cryotherapy: 

  • may lower skin or muscle temperatures to a similar (or lesser) degree as other forms of cryotherapy (such as applying ice packs)

  • may reduce soreness in the short term and accelerate the perception of recovery after certain activities, though this did not consistently lead to improved function or performance

  • could be helpful for “adhesive capsulitis” (frozen shoulder), a condition marked by severe loss of shoulder motion that may complicate certain injuries; there are no long-term studies of WBC for this problem

  • did not alter the amount of muscle damage (as reflected by blood tests) after intense exercise.

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