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Multi-Disciplinary Rehabilitation Medicine & Sport Injury Clinic
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Who we are

We’re Setting The Standards In 
Rehabilitation Medicine & Sport Injury Clinic

This medical rehabilitation center is more than just a Physical Therapy clinic…it’s a team of scientists and clinicians who provide a well-tailored rehabilitation plan for our clients. Our members act with a shared mission and shared gratitude for the positive impact that we’re able to make on patients’ lives. Each of us has a contagious “I can do anything” attitude. It’s a feeling you get when you work with the ABI Promedical rehab team or meet one of us at a community event, or become the newest member of our team. It’s our medical Rehabilitation culture in action and this feeling is realized every day in every area of the ABI Promedical Rehab organization.

Our Clinician absolutely loves what they do, which is why they are part of the ABI Promedical Rehab team to put the health of our clients first.


What We Offer

Special High-Quality Services

At Healing our group is prepared to address with you to talk about your issues. We will outline a program that is appropriate for you. We anticipate meeting you.



Electrotherapy includes a range of treatments using electricity to reduce pain, improve circulation, repair tissues, strengthen muscles, and promote bone growth, leading to improvements in physical functioning.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Sports massage is designed to help athletes before, during and after training. It is useful for anyone who exercises to increase flexibility, prevent injuries and help with healing after a sports injury.

Kinesiology (Personal Training Plan)

Kinesiology (Personal Training Plan)

Kinesiology identifies stress in our muscles and uses relaxation techniques to release tension and improve our mood, health, and overall wellbeing.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Technological innovations have enabled physiotherapy to apply new possibilities in the rehabilitation of patients, especially in the use of virtual reality (VR)


Why Choose Us

We Care About You And Your Health And Will Do Everything.

Licensed Therapist

Our therapists are trained and certified in therapy technique

Personal Treatment

You will receive a full individualized treatment

Experienced Stuff

Our therapists are trained and certified in therapy technique

Trusted Clinic

We are world's best and trusted therapy center.

Practitioners Network

We will work closely with all your health practitioners

Therapy Goals

setting goal is the best way to enjoy a successful outcome

Happy Clients

What Our Patients Are Saying

Janis Grosber

 Best physical therapy I have ever had! Staff and therapists are fantastic, polite, caring, and focused. Therapists only work with one patient at a time.


Janis Grosber


Very knowledgeable staff that work with you to identify issues and prescribe the best physical therapy treatment for your needs and abilities. Great explanation of treatment and help with pinpointing problem areas as well as exercises to overcome issues


Vladimir Korshunov

Thank you ABI Promedical Therapy & Balance for always going the extra mile! Professional, helpful and careful! What a breath of fresh air! You love what you do and it shows! Love my therapist,


Vladimir Korshunov


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ABI Promedical Clinic

Any problem with a sport, work accident, etc.

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