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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

ABI Promedical Rehab major research and clinical focus is to design, develop, and deploy a comprehensive set of advanced and established services for elderly, cardiopulmonary disorders, sports medicine, biomechanical correction and victims with a neurological disorder. Recent emerging technological advances in healthcare allows therapists/patients, assisted by innovative technology, to deliver engaging and high-intensity therapy in the clinical and home environment. Behdad Dehbandi has been working in different rehabilitation centers and scientific projects using different technology such as motion capture devices, EEG and wearable sensors to develop a platform to assess and assist sports injuries, musculoskeletal and neurological dysfunction with diagnostic, prevention and rehabilitation purpose.

With the development of biometric sensing devices, virtual reality and other immersive technologies can now provide many types of sensory feedback retraining and education relevant to treating psychiatric illnesses. The merging of immersive technology with the biology of sensation allows behavioral shaping and conditioning procedures specifically targeting symptoms unique to each patient. The Virtual Reality and Immersive Technology (VR-IT) Clinic bridges evidenced-based behavioral psychotherapies, clinical research, and medical technologies to treat a varying spectrum of psychiatric conditions. The VR-IT Clinic incorporates the most current and emerging methods of virtual and augmented reality treatments into traditional cognitive behavior and mindfulness-based therapies, taking a holistic, customized, and personal approach to each patient.

Virtual Reality
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